Poplar for Brands

You've heard that AR is here and that it is a powerful tool for brands. Here are a few examples of currently popular AR Formats and how brands across the world are using them to engage better with their audience!

1. Portals

Augment your user's everyday world through the AR gateway called Portals. Portals are a great way of providing your users with a completely immersive experience in the form of a (customised) world they can enter and walk around, through the ease of their mobile/tablet screens.

2. World Effect/ Lens

Add a layer of interesting content to the real world through World Effects/Lenses. It can be a unicorn sitting next to your friend in the office or an animated animal hiding behind your plant at home. World Effects/Lenses enhance the view from your back-cameras.

3. Face Filter/Lens

If you have ever beautified your face or gotten bunny ears on your face through your phone, then you know exactly how interactive face filters can be! Face Filters are a great example of applying an additional layer on the user's face using the front camera.

4. Mini-Games

Mini-Games are the most effective AR format to shoot up engagement and shareability of your content. Try out these games for yourself and experience the addiction!

5. Image Recognition/Tracking

Augment a physical object or an image with added layers of information and content through Image Trackers. Image recognition is a really interesting way of making users interact with your branded merchandise.

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