Who we are

We’re a tight-knit team of people crazy about AR and its power to transform the world.

Learning is at the core of everything we do and we are passionate about educating people about AR. We also have a lot of fun trying the latest immersive technologies and we want to share that fun
with everyone.

We are strong believers in diversity: it is not only core to our team,
but also a core strength of our entire ecosystem: developers,
partners and platforms.

David Ripert, CEO & Co-Founder

David is the supreme leader of Poplar, taking care of all the most important business needs, such as getting investment and ensuring everyone’s chocolate cravings are satisfied at all times.

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Laurie Ainley, CTO & Co-Founder

Laurie is the ruler of Poplar Studio’s product roadmap, weaving its web of fate with each passing day. When no one’s watching, he can be found in the back alleyways conversing with the neighbourhood cats.

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Ingrid Orstadius, VP Commercial

Ingrid is Poplar Studio’s commercial honcho. She ensures the team gets their daily dose of Swedish culture. She loves everything water and spends her spare-time by the sea or in the snow. She has completed the 90 km cross-country ski race Vasaloppet three times.

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Jo Carter, Head of Engineering

Jo, our phenomenal Head of Engineering, first got into the industry when she joined a company working on an alternate reality game. Now she is leading all things Tech at Poplar Studio, while sustaining her side career as a knitter of cute things and avid gamer. Every year in November she hosts a stream for charity where she plays games for 24 hours straight!

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Dan Bowen, Business Development Director

Dan has an eclectic array of interests: from art and drama to football (he is an Arsenal fan) to being dog dad to his adorable French bulldog Hugo. He arrived at Poplar Studio after 8 years in the AR industry, during which he delivered the first ever AR experience at a British airport: an AR treasure hunt at Heathrow. He is also a bloody good chess player, so hit him up if you dare!

Cristina Ferrandez, Head of Growth and Marketing

By day, Cristina heads up Marketing at Poplar Studio and also writes about all things AR for our blog. By night, she works on her novel and watches way too many episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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Priyanka Parmar, Creative Lead

Priyanka is a Slytherin maven with a killer fashion sense and a black belt in selfie-taking. She is our Creative Lead and the main driving force in the creative vision of Poplar Studio.

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Trésor Karera, Business Development Lead

Trésor is Business Development Lead at Poplar Studio, and also our resident food taster – if you need a restaurant recommendation, look no further! When he’s not smashing his sales targets, Trésor likes to read a good book (he is partial to non-fiction) and to go see Tenet for the 50th time.

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Irene Alegre, Product Designer

Irene brings that extra sparkle Poplar Studio needs with her magical designs and considered user journeys. She will also beat you at Cards Against Humanity every time, so watch out!

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Ethan Brann, Full Stack Developer

Ethan is our Full Stack Developer, although rumours indicate that he might have a clandestine career as an ‘underground electronic spacey music DJ’. In his spare time he likes to play the drums.

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Ollie Tyler, AR Development Lead

Ollie is our AR superstar, bringing his magical AR skills and wisdom to our team, clients and creators. Ever since he joined, the people of Poplar Studio have been terrified of his legendary Jackbox skills. In the evenings you’d usually find him at gigs, but since the pandemic he’s been spending much more time playing a range of Nintendo games.

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Carmen Lambrianos, Senior Producer

Carmen has had quite the life journey — from ‘fallen prima ballerina’ to office ping pong champ to hat fashionista to Senior Producer at Poplar Studio. Just try wearing a hat near her and, before you know it, she’ll post about it on her Instagram account @once_upon_a_hat. When she’s not managing projects with top brands, she’s probably off practicing one of her million hobbies, including dressage, fencing, Irish dancing and figure skating.

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Ayse Odele, Product Owner

Ayse is at the centre of everything at Poplar Studio: business, product, design, engineering. She keeps everyone on track thanks to her amazing organisational skills and her charming personality, although the latter unfortunately led to her defeat at a karate tournament aged 8, after she refused to hit any of the other contestants.

Oliver Cooke, Full Stack Developer

Oliver arrived from the EdTech space to become one of the developers at Poplar Studio, working on our front-end and back-end applications. Some of his top hobbies include surfing and dabbling in carpentry. He’s actually made most of the furniture in his flat himself!

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William Harris, Machine Learning Engineer

Will is our Machine Learning Engineer, which means that he’s all about bringing new and unique AR experiences to our clients. In his spare time, you will find it at one of London’s climbing walls.

Anna Maria Turowska, Junior Account Executive

Anna brought the groove to Poplar Studio when she joined us as a Sales Development Representative, after a rockstar career as a dance entrepreneur! Anna is passionate about the important things in life: dogs, travelling and a good Aperol Spritz.

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Hugo King, Junior Account Manager

Hugo is our Junior Account Manager, making sure all our clients are happy. He loves all things culture and can often be heard quoting obscure books or rambling the streets of London like the flaneurs of old.

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Matthew Wagaine, Junior Marketer

Matthew is our Junior Marketer, managing Poplar Studio’s marketing channels and content across social media, email and our blog. Outside work, he craves live music and researches restaurants and events he’ll never have the chance to visit.

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Laurence O'Brien, Community Coordinator

Laurence is the Community Coordinator here at Poplar Studio, which means that he looks after our lovely creator community and all the creator-facing social media. After hours you will find Laurence partaking in all things food, drink and music — perhaps at the same time. Ask him about his dogs.

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Diogo Castro, Sales Development Representative

Diogo is a Sales Development Representative, helping introduce new clients to the wonders of AR. When he’s not waxing lyrical about immersive technology, he can be found listening to Billie Eilish on repeat, while updating his dream list for the next movie, gig and travel adventure he wants to experience.

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Indiya, Box Ripper and Office Dog

Indiya is the pupper-in-chief here at Poplar Studio. If you’re not careful, she will do you a heckin’ blep while you’re not looking, so watch out. 15/10 would pet until eternity. Fan of April Fools day.

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