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Join a community of AR and 3D creators

Expand your network of AR and 3D creators by joining our Slack group and build your knowledge through expert-led webinars.

Work with top brands

Work with some of the world’s top brands to deliver AR and 3D project.

Make a living out of your skills

Work with some of the world’s top brands to deliver AR and 3D project.

How it works

  1. Brief

    Access our pool of fully-vetted AR and 3D briefs from top brands

  2. Apply

    Apply for briefs that match your skills and submit your concept
    (creators who submit concepts will receive £50 regardless of
    whether they are chosen)

  3. Concept

    If the client likes your concept, you will be selected to work on the project.

  4. Platform

    Access the Poplar platform to collaborate on the project with your
    client, following a project timeline and using our messaging system
    and AR and 3D file sharing tools.

  5. Payment

    Once the project is closed, you will receive your payment in full.

Through Poplar, I have discovered AR as an industry, they enabled me to push my knowledge and train myself to go from 3D artist to AR developer. The huge brand briefs offered on Poplar were an incentive for me to grow and develop with each new project opportunity.

poplar studio ar 3d creator Christian Venables

Poplar Studio stands out for their personal touch. The team takes care of the community by ensuring a rapid and smooth communication and collaboration process. Poplar also helps facilitate shared learnings within the community – helping other creators upskill themselves and be able to access diverse work. It is a great way for talented and enthusiastic AR creators to get access to the types of clients that would otherwise be out of reach.

poplar studio creator Marc Wakefield

Poplar kickstarted our business. As a young start-up freshly entering the AR industry, we have been able to get easy access to huge brands. Poplar helped accelerate our growth by acting as a bridge between us and the brands, managing presentation and the project delivery process.

poplar studio creator Baptiste Deneufbourg

For my project with Poplar, I spent time experimenting with new forms of AR effects and pushing the boundaries of what is possible to achieve. It was a great challenge to bring together my technical expertise and creativity. Poplar has pushed me to try new techniques and create ambitious AR experiences.

poplar studio creator Hsing Huang

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