Harris Reed x Missoma

Our approach

We collaborated with Missoma on 3 separate augmented reality effects to promote the experience, all of which were designed around the motif of the butterfly: a fluid animal very present in the jewellery line designs.

The first experience was an image tracker AR effect. The first 14,000 customers to purchase items from the new jewellery line received a custom card with their purchase showing a butterfly. By going to the Instagram app and launching the AR effect, they could then scan the card and see this butterfly come to mind before them.

The second experience, also launched on Instagram, was created for users who had not received the card. This version, instead, used surface tracking, allowing users to virtually place the butterfly in their environment and see it animate.

The third experience, launched on Facebook, allowed users to place their hand in front of the front-facing camera of their phone to see the butterfly land on their hand.

All three experiences also had a front-facing camera mode, where users were able to take selfies within a beautiful butterfly and snake-themed frame.

The AR experiences received over 65,000 impressions and 20,000 opens in the first month of launch.

missoma augmented reality harris reed
missoma augmented reality harris reed

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