Maybelline – #LiftMyMood

@maybelline_deWerde auch du Teil der #LiftMyMood Challenge und zeig uns dein Mood-Uplift!♬ Lifter Gloss gonna Lift My Mood – MAYBELLINE NEW YORK


Maybelline incorporated the Branded Effect into a fun Hashtag Challenge called #LiftMyMood — a campaign that encouraged users to create their own videos following a dance routine along to a song.

TikTok users were able to incorporate the AR effect by pouting as part of their video routine, creating highly engaging and fun user-generated content. The song that was attached to the campaign began soulfully, encouraging users to act bored or sad, and turn to their Lifter Gloss in order to lift their mood.

Then the music sped up into an upbeat tempo that users were encouraged to dance along to happily. Users could then pout multiple times in order to show off the different shades of the Lifter Gloss.

The Hashtag Challenge approach proved incredibly effective for this campaign, leading to over 3 billion overall impressions of the AR experience and a wealth of user-generated videos.

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