A Quick Introduction To Augmented Reality

introduction to augmented reality

Here at Poplar, we aim to provide an introduction to augmented reality and bring awareness to the technology of the future.

What is it?

Augmented reality (AR) is a form of emerging technology that allows users to overlay computer-generated content on the real world using a mobile device or headset.

Have you seen it before?

Some people don’t realize they’re using AR even though they actually are. Most are familiar with AR through the use of Facebook and Snapchat effects or lenses, according to the Mindshare report, ‘The Future of Augmented Reality’. What’s the most exciting bit? There is proof consumers are hungry for more layers of information and entertainment. Not just in the real world but in a reality that goes beyond social media.

introduction to augmented reality

What are the present forms of AR?

Today, there are a few standardised ways AR is experienced and few ways those experiences are applied in the world. There is limitless potential for how AR can make our reality more informative and interesting; from social media formats where AR is used for entertainment to image recognition that facilitates impromptu content accessibility. For examples of present forms of AR, check out our showcase page now!

We will talk in more depth about the current AR landscape in our next post, so stay tuned. 🔜

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