Visual Search Ecommerce: How Brands Can Stand Out to Customers Shopping with Their Camera

Chances are, when you want to learn something, go somewhere, or buy something, you turn to Google. While Google does not reveal the exact search volume it sees every day, it’s estimated that the world’s most popular search engine processes about 63,000 search queries a second, which is around 5.6 billion searches a day.  However,

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Snapchat Shopping: Get Started With AR Social Commerce

snapchat shopping

With almost four billion people using social media globally, it’s no surprise that companies around the world are looking to capitalise on social commerce. Snapchat is at the centre of this growing movement, offering a range of advertising options. From Story Ads and Snap Ads that showcase product collections to Dynamic Ads that allow businesses to

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TikTok Shopping: Everything Brands Need to Know

Social media companies like Instagram and Snapchat have already increased reach and revenue for businesses by socialising the customer experience. Now, TikTok is taking the trend one step further by integrating AR into their viral media content and TikTok shopping initiatives. The company’s short-form visual media format has made it a crowd favourite among Gen

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3D Product Modelling: How to Use It On Your Ecommerce Website

3D Product Modelling

3D product modelling is transforming online retail. With more customers shopping online than ever before, brands are increasingly turning to new innovative technologies in order to stand out in a crowded marketplace.  A leader when it comes to visual marketing techniques, 3D product modelling can inspire customers to act. Often, 3D technologies go hand in

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Augmented Reality For Business: How To Get Started

augmented reality for business

With over 3.5 billion people estimated to be regular AR users by the end of 2022, augmented reality for business is on track to become an essential part of every brand’s marketing toolkit. For companies that want to stand out as dynamic, forward-thinking, and customer-focused, AR adoption can help engage customers and improve their perception

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