TikTok Shopping: Everything Brands Need to Know

Social media companies like Instagram and Snapchat have already increased reach and revenue for businesses by socialising the customer experience. Now, TikTok is taking the trend one step further by integrating AR into their viral media content and TikTok shopping initiatives. The company’s short-form visual media format has made it a crowd favourite among Gen

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TikTok AR Examples to Inspire Your Brand

tiktok ar examples

When the popular video-sharing app Vine was discontinued in 2016, it left a gap in the market that TikTok has enthusiastically and profitably filled. With its rapid rise to popularity, young user base, and informal vibe, advertisers have been eager to take advantage of the new marketing opportunity that TikTok presents.  While TikTok is still

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Augmented Reality Analytics: Measuring the Success of Your AR Campaign

augmented reality analytics

Since country-wide lockdowns shuttered retail stores and paused real-world events worldwide, companies have turned to augmented reality and 3D advertising to create much-needed buzz around their brands. However, even though AR campaigns have been proven to be more profitable when compared with traditional methods of advertising, some brands are still not willing to take the

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Augmented Reality Advertising: What You Need to Know

augmented reality advertising

Most marketers now regard augmented reality advertising as the best tool for increasing engagement in 2021. That said, it’s essential to remember that augmented reality advertising is not a single format or practice. Thanks to the continued development of AR technology, augmented reality advertising now encompasses a range of formats and can be delivered through

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