the future of augmented reality in our everyday life

What is the future of augmented reality in our everyday life?

By Shivani Airi

The future of augmented reality in our everyday life lies largely in the hands of the AR designers and the innovative companies who dream big enough to build AR experiences. 

Valued at £4.5 billion in 2017 (Mordor Intelligence, 2018), the Augmented Reality market is set to disrupt the technology industry.

Many industries currently use AR content to add to their customer-interaction activities, but the future of augmented reality in our everyday life will provide many more functional uses. For now, our perception of AR includes frightening scenes from Jurassic Park coming to life through a user’s mobile screen or animated visuals triggering different views upon scanning an image. 

One of the many applications of AR is marketing. And this is something that has already begun picking up. But there is more to come! For large-scale marketing programs, imagine taking over a dedicated space where HBO’s Westworld breathes its life into a large sportsplex: filling the stadium seats with western-outfitted hosts and a massive lake bed in the centre of the field. This would be an unreal experience for ardent fans of the show! 

Outside of entertainment, AR has amazing uses for education. Picture a walking tour of a historical castle that reveals secrets of the past right along the way. AR can make learning about and experiencing different realities actually liveable.

Image result for history augmented reality

(Image Source: Pivot The World)

Besides these others, the medical, industrial, aerospace, defence, automotive and many more industries (Global Market Insights, 2017)  expect to impact the future of augmented reality in our everyday life. 

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