How AR Is Set To Transform Our Everyday Life

In the last post, we talked about transporting fans of entertainment into novelty experiences for promotion and inspiring people to learn about new information and look beyond what they already know.
However, apart from these one-off engagement campaigns, there are plenty of powerful applications for AR in our daily lives. 

Apple Glass Concept Images

(Image Source: iDropNews)

Let’s say in the future AR glasses are widely adopted. Everyone is wearing them. Knowing this, let’s look at how basic everyday tasks could be improved with AR glasses.

Consider: As you shop for groceries, you are guided by silent, visual alerts directing you to your favourite items that are now on sale. When you get home, you make a salad. As you begin, a great recipe pops up showing you how to dice, slice and chop your purchased food, all hands-free! Suddenly, your puppy gets sick. Oh no! You ask for help. And without having to hold your phone, step by step instructions for administering meds appear. It’s everything you’d normally do (without a sick pet, hopefully!) now made simpler with AR.

Augmented Reality Kitchen App design spatial ui 3d mixed virtual reality augmented

(Image Source: Shiva & Dribble)

Here at Poplar our minds reel with all the potential possibilities for this technology. That’s why we’re wasting no time getting started. If you’re an AR creator who feels the same way, register with us now and let’s get to work! Because as they say, the future doesn’t just build itself.

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