Poplar Studio launches new essential guide on AR: How To Revolutionise Your Marketing Strategy With Augmented Reality

By Cristina Ferrandez

Poplar Studio, the augmented reality creative platform that provides AR campaigns on demand, is pleased to announce it has released a new essential guide entitled How To Revolutionise Your Marketing Strategy With Augmented Reality.

The guide offers a comprehensive overview of how augmented reality can be used in Marketing and Advertising. It starts with the basics, offering an understanding of what augmented reality is and the impact it is having on Media and Marketing, with real numbers. It then goes on to describe the main use cases for AR within Marketing, from educating customers to visualising products. 

The guide also covers all of the major AR publishing platforms and which might be best suited to different AR experiences according to their requirements. Finally, it looks at seven key creative strategies brands can use to promote their AR experiences and ensure their success, based on Poplar’s work with some of the top brands using AR.

Special attention is given to two particular topics. First, how retailer Speedo is using AR to increase their sales online and in-store, following a trend within the Retail industry of using AR for product visualisation. Second, it looks at Instagram’s recent opening of AR to brands and explains why this constitutes a huge opportunity for branded AR content. 

Additionally, the guide includes useful and entertaining examples of augmented reality experiences from Poplar Studio’s showcase that people can try by simply scanning them with their smartphone.

“We are thrilled to be able to provide marketers and the public with a thorough overview of how they can use AR to better engage with their audiences, based on the 80+ campaigns that have been produced by top brands through our platform,” said David Ripert, CEO of Poplar Studio. “The challenge of AR for many brands is that many marketers are still unclear on how they can best leverage it, or what real benefits it can actually bring to their business. We trust that this guide will help answer all of the pressing questions marketers have about AR, big or small.”

The full guide can be found at the following link: https://poplar.studio/ARguide.

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