Visual Search Ecommerce: How Brands Can Stand Out to Customers Shopping with Their Camera

Chances are, when you want to learn something, go somewhere, or buy something, you turn to Google. While Google does not reveal the exact search volume it sees every day, it’s estimated that the world’s most popular search engine processes about 63,000 search queries a second, which is around 5.6 billion searches a day.  However,

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AR smart glasses uses for enterprise: 5 examples

When Google Glass was announced in 2012, it created a stir in the realm of consumer electronics, with technology advocates imagining people donning smart glasses for everything from trips to the store to going to concerts. However, neither the technology nor the market was ready for augmented reality (AR) smart glasses at the time, and

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Augmented Reality For Business: How To Get Started

augmented reality for business

With over 3.5 billion people estimated to be regular AR users by the end of 2022, augmented reality for business is on track to become an essential part of every brand’s marketing toolkit. For companies that want to stand out as dynamic, forward-thinking, and customer-focused, AR adoption can help engage customers and improve their perception

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