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This new AR experience from Aladdin the Musical allows you to rub shoulders with the Genie

By Cristina Ferrandez

The makers of Aladdin, the musical by Disney that has become a sensation in London’s West End, recently announced the release of a new Facebook augmented reality (AR) experience. The effect was built in collaboration with Poplar Studio, the augmented reality platform that makes AR content creation agile and affordable.

The experience allows you to enter the ‘Cave of Wonders’ through your mobile device, rub a magical lamp and conjure the great Genie himself. You can then stand side by side with him, capture the experience and share it with your friends.

Matthew Croke, who plays Aladdin in the musical, tried out the AR experience himself.

This magical AR experience is only one example of the many ways AR is changing how theatre and entertainment brands market themselves. Through AR, brands are publishing content that is, by nature, fun and shareable, leading to word-of-mouth sharing and high user engagement.

To try out this effect, click here to open the Facebook camera app.

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