Tech Spec Submission Guidelines

Always make sure to read the brief carefully to make sure you understand the theme, the tone of voice, brand guidelines, must haves and must avoids.
Try to be as detailed as possible on the technical specifications, including how you would build the experience, what assets you plan on using and visuals of the experience.

Tech Spec Title

Try to keep your title short while making it memorable and distinguishable. Your title will help brands identify your concept, so make it stand out from the crowd!


Are there any interactions? If so, what are they?

  • How will the interactions work?
    • If there are UI prompts, when will they appear and what would they say?

Not all experiences require audio but it can make a project feel more immersive when used. When adding audio, be sure to consider:

  • What audio are you including in the experience?
    • Where will you be sourcing the audio?
    • Do you have a link or sample that you would use?
    • How will you incorporate the audio?
Assets That Will Be Used

Whether or not the assets will be provided, it is important to state what assets you will include to help the client get a better understanding of the process.

  • Will you be using any 3D models, if so, what are they like? Will you model them yourself or getting them from a model library?
    • If you’re modelling them yourself, don’t forget to say how long it will take you to model
    • Will you be animating these models? If so, can you describe what the animation will be?
Your Creation Process

To give the client a better understanding on how you work, could you describe the steps you will be taking to build the experience.

  • Include asset production time, build times, time for actioning feedback from the client etc

Each tech spec page must be submitted as either a PNG, JPG or GIF file, we do not accept presentations or PDF’s so please make sure that each file upload is one page. There is a maximum number of 6 and we recommend using a 1280×720 px ratio for each image.

Make sure you have some visual mockups, there’s no better way to get your ideas across and help the client visualise your process. To really make your tech specs look professional, try using device frames to help the client imagine the final product, either of a phone or a computer screen. To get started with these, you can find a big library of frame resources here:

Also, keep in mind:

  • Each image box has a description field – use this place to describe the image and which action triggers it.
  • Try to submit images which are finished and presentable to the client; avoid doodling from paint or adding generic symbols as placeholders
Similar Past Work

Have you created work that is similar to what that brief is asking? It would help to show clients how capable you are of producing the proposed tech specs.