New Creator Policies

With a new year comes all the new year resolutions and one of our resolutions at Poplar is to keep improving the platform for you creators.
This is why we will be changing our concepting and tech spec process starting today.
What’s Changed?
In the past, you could apply to as many briefs as you’d like and get selected to submit a concept or tech spec for multiple projects. Unfortunately, with this, many creators ended up not submitting a concept or tech spec due to a variety of reasons from being asked to submit to another project, not having the time or simply forgetting.

This started to create an unlevel playing field as there would have been a chance for another creator to showcase their skills and ideas instead.

To prevent this from happening in the future, we are introducing Strikes. Simply put, if you miss a concept or tech spec submission deadline, you get a strike on your account.

We understand that sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances to why you may not submit which is why we are allowing creators 3 strikes before action is taken.
What Happens If I Get 3 Strikes?
If this is the case, you will have a temporary ban on your account for 2 months

When Expressing Interest in a brief, please ensure that if selected, you are able to submit a concept or tech spec and able to produce the experience within the time frame stated on the brief.

Please do not apply if you don’t think you will be able to concept or produce tech specs, or if you do apply and are no longer able to submit, let us know with more than 24 hours notice so we can offer that spot to another creator.
A Fair Community For All
In the past, we have had to select more creators to submit due to people not concepting or providing tech specs after applying and being selected. That led to frustration from creators not having as much chance even though they put in the work and led to more frustration for everybody, including the Poplar team who couldn’t run the process in a simple and fair manner.

We want all our creators to have a fair chance of showcasing their ideas and with this, we hope to encourage and reward you when you put the work in, which in turn, treats our community the fairest 
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