Want to learn more about 3D and AR?

Here’s our curated list of useful resources and tips on how to further your knowledge.

You can find videos of our webinars, online courses (with a Poplar discount) and helpful resources for each platform.


Spark AR

This software is used when creating effects for Instagram and Facebook

● Get started with their tutorials
● Access the documentation
● Join the Spark AR group

Lens Studio

This is the tool to build lenses for Snapchat

● Get started with their guide
● Access the documentation
● Try a template

Effect Creator

This is the tool needed to build effects for TikTok

Currently, the software isn’t publicly available we recommend keeping an eye on their developer site


There are plenty of SDKs available to build a web-based AR experience

● 8th Wall – Try a template
● DeepAR – Watch their tutorials
● Zappar – Read their documentation

Now that you have got to grips with some of the platforms, here are a few other things to do…

Online Courses

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Get 20% off
The Complete Spark AR Course by Ryan Hafner


October 2ndCreating Winning Concepts
November 20thCreate ML Components hosted by FritzAI
December 17thBuilding Holograms for AR in Web
January 20thIntroduction to Zapworks
February 16th move.ai’s AI Powered Markerless Mocap
MarchBuild WebAR Experiences with UAR
AprilFace Filters on WebAR hosted by DeepAR

Past Webinars

Lens Studio 2.0
Learn about all the updates in Lens Studio 2.0, including dynamic text, landmarkers, body tracking and cat and dog recognition with our creator,
Bram van de Ven

Creating portals in Spark AR
Learn how to produce great portals in Facebook’s Spark AR with our creator,
Adrien Carta

Improve your concepts
Learn how to improve your concepting by our CEO, David Ripert

Create good tech specs
Learn how to deliver quality AR lenses and effects (as well as good tech specs) by our CTO, Laurie Ainley