Interested In Building AR Experiences? 🕶

Here’s how you can go from 3D modelling to AR content creation…

1️⃣Pick either Facebook AR Studio or Snapchat Lens Studio (both free 💰)

💡Snapchat has a greater breadth of templates, which are very easy to get started with, but Facebook has stronger community support.

2️⃣.1️⃣ Facebook

👉 Watch this introductory video tutorial
👉 Check out the official tutorial
👉 Join the community support group for sharing tips, discussion, Q&A, tutorials and useful code snippets
👉 Here’s another tutorial on Building a filter
👉 Access the documentation

2️⃣.2️⃣ Snapchat

👉 Look at this guide on getting started
👉 Here’s an introductory video tutorial
👉 Read this tutorial 
👉 Access the documentation

3️⃣ Check out these design guidelines for AR

Now that you have tried your hand at the above, here are a few other things to do…

💼 Check out our internal challenges – they give you an idea of what our big brand briefs are like…
If you are good, you could win an amazing £100 voucher for Amazon

📹 Watch our webinar on how to improve your concepting by our CEO, David Ripert
📊Click here to access the presentation directly!

📹 Watch our webinar on how to deliver quality AR lenses/effects (as well as good tech specs) by our CTO, Laurie Ainley
📊Click here to access the presentation directly!