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NBCU – Addams Family (Instagram)
English National Ballet – Swan Lake (Instagram)
Accenture – Pledge SUPR (Instagram)
Teletubbies – Which Character Are You? (Instagram)
In The Night Garden – Which Character Are You? (Instagram)
NBCU – Jay & Silent Bob (Instagram)
Chalice Farms – Masquerade (Instagram)
Poplar – Happy Holidays (Instagram)
The Old Vic Theatre – Scrooge (Instagram)
Paco Rabanne – MillionsNation (Instagram)
Paco Rabanne – Invictus & Olympéa (Instagram)
Collins Aerospace – Helmets (Instagram)
Take A Knee UK – Bobby Moore (Instagram)
Nestlé – Felix (Facebook)
Poplar – Animals (Instagram)
Poplar – Valkyrie (Instagram)
Poplar – Statue (Instagram)
Poplar – Faun (Instagram)
SYFY – Eleven Eleven Hux (Facebook)
SYFY – Eleven Eleven Laslo (Facebook)
Sigrid – SuckerPunch (Facebook)
FOX – Home Alone (Facebook)
Farm Heroes Saga – Waterdrop (Snapchat)
Candy Crush Saga – Piñata
Candy Crush Saga – Falling
Candy Crush Friends – Morph