Client communication best practices 🤩

Congratulations on being selected for this project! We look forward to seeing it come to life.

Just wanted to drop you a note with some helpful information and best practices to ensure the project goes as smoothly as possible.

First off, here’s how to log into the Poplar platform:

  1. Go to and log in with your Poplar credentials.
  2. Find the relevant project under “My Projects” and click on “View” in the far-right column.

  3. On the left-hand column, click on “Chat”.

  4. Here you will be able to communicate with your client. You may send messages and attach assets such as images, videos and 3D models.

  5. One handy feature of the Chat system is the 3D model viewer. This allows you to upload 3D models so the client can preview them and give you feedback more easily. To use this, click on the 3D Model button next to the Attach button and select your 3D model file. We recommend uploading a GLB or FBX file (you may also upload zip files for models with multiple files, e.g. textures). A preview screen will pop up, showing how the 3D model will be visualised. If the 3D model doesn’t render as expected, you can select the checkbox below it to “Disable 3D preview” and instead write instructions in the field below to let the client know what software they should use to view the 3D model.

When communicating with clients, we recommend that you follow the following best practices:

  • Please make sure to keep all file sharing within the platform so that files can be accessed at any time (note: there is a 250 MB limit per file)
  • In your dashboard you will find your Timeline. Please take note of all the key dates, as it’s essential that you stick to them to ensure the project stays on track.
  • Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure the effect does not contain any bugs or features that prevent it from being published or from working on a given platform. Any such bugs will require additional work from you beyond the scope of the review rounds. To prevent this, we encourage you, at every step of production, to ensure the effect is suitable for and that it performs well in the platform that it is intended for.
  • Remember to agree early on who will be publishing the project — you, or the client? If you would like your creator to publish the effect for you, you will need to provide your creator with access to the relevant social media accounts (find out how here).
  • Be prompt in responding to client messages—project deadlines might be tight. If a client messages you during standard business hours (09:00-18:00), please aim to respond within 1 hour. If a client messages outside of business hours, we advise you to respond no later than 09:30 the next working day.
  • If you experience any conflict with a client, please always refer back to the original brief for clarification. If the issues persist, you can reach out to us at
  • If you have any questions you need to clarify with the client, don’t hesitate to reach out to them for more detail.
  • Please keep your messages as professional and clear as possible to ensure the best communication with your client.

Additionally, here are some key guidelines to keep in mind during projects, as per our terms. Please make sure to respect these guidelines, as any violations could lead to your account being discontinued!

  • All payments must come through Poplar. If a client proposes a payment outside of Poplar, please decline and let us know.
  • Any communications between you and the client must take place within the Poplar platform, as otherwise we will not be able to help you if any issues come up. If a call is essential, please make sure that all points addressed during the call are then summarised in the Poplar chat in detail before any further communication continues.
  • Please don’t take client relationships made through Poplar off the platform. All communications and projects with clients met through Poplar must be carried out through our platform.

If any of the following scenarios come up, please contact Poplar directly at

  • You’re experiencing an error with the Poplar platform
  • You need to add multiple stakeholders to a project
  • You are not getting any responses from the client
  • The client is asking for work that goes beyond the scope of the initial project, or that requires additional costs
  • You want to invoice us after the project is completed
  • There is a conflict with the client that you can’t resolve
  • You are being bullied or harassed by the client