Aveeno – Skin Relief with Oats

Skin care brand Aveeno promotes the benefits of oats in its new Skin Relief range with this exciting AR effect


To promote their Skin Relief range, Aveeno wanted to create an AR filter that showed users the many skin benefits of their products. In particular, they wanted to send the message that, because of the many skin benefits of their oat-based products, once people purchase Aveeno they rarely look back.

They decided to use AR in order to present this information in a more immersive way, allowing them to educate consumers about the production process of their range, and including animations to bring the information to life. The overarching goal was to create a more engaging brand experience.

The education element mainly centred around the use of oats in their range, which clinical studies have demonstrated not only soothe the skin and strengthen its protective barrier, but also rebalance its microbiome. This is in line with Aveeno’s tradition of introducing innovative products that leverage natural ingredients, making it the go-to-brand for sensitive skin solutions.


The resulting effect was a combination of an AR face filter and a world effect published on Instagram and Facebook. The effects take users through the entire process that the oats go through, from the farm all the way into each Aveeno bottle. 

Upon opening the effect, the user is prompted to place the Aveeno bottle in their environment. After doing so, a voiceover takes them through each step of the production process: the dehulling of the raw oats to create oat flour and the later addition of oat extract and oat oil.


These three elements combined form Aveeno’s signature triple oat complex, a unique formulation to soothe and relieve very dry, itchy and sensitive skin. Each of the steps on the AR effect is accompanied by 3D elements and animations of the oat ingredients.

Finally, the user is prompted to switch their camera into face filter mode. This gives them a gold glowy skin look, accompanied by a lovely oat crown. At this stage, the user can take a selfie and share on their profile.

Scan the above QR code with your phone's camera to experience Aveeno's AR effect.




The Aveeno Skin Relief production process: 1) oats are de-hulled to form oatmeal put into liquid; 2) this oat extract is used to relieve dry, itchy, sensitive skin; 3) oat oil is added last to improve skin barrier function.

The end result: users of the Aveena AR journey are greeted with a new branded face filter.


The effect was launched on 8th April. Among their promotion strategies, Aveeno worked with influencers, who took videos using the effect and shared them on their Instagram profiles.

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