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Speedo embraces AR with Poplar Studio-powered virtual try-on features

By Cristina Ferrandez

Speedo, the swimwear and swimming accessories brand and subsidiary of the British Pentland Group, recently announced the launch of a virtual try-on feature in three of their UK stores and on their website, which allows customers to visualise swimming goggles on their face before purchase. This augmented reality (AR) experience was developed in collaboration with Poplar Studio (, the augmented reality creative platform that makes AR content creation agile and affordable.

The aim of the campaign was to solve common issues swimmers face when trying to find the right goggles for them. The shopping experience is often inconvenient, as customers try on products one by one to find goggles that match their style and are comfortable on their face. This is also inconvenient for Speedo stores, as they need to replace products in packaging. The AR feature instead allows customers to virtually try on 35 separate swimming goggles. This offers them an easy way to visualise the goggles on their face when shopping in-store or online, empowering them to save time and make smarter purchasing choices.

Of the company’s launch of the AR effect, Pentland Solutions Lead Matt Kennedy said, “The web-based and in-store AR experiences are really part of the same concerted effort to make shopping for Speedo goggles much more convenient and enjoyable than our competitors. We find that customers tend to research goggles online, but 80% of the time they will end up buying in-store because they would like to try the model on first. We expect this AR experience to increase both in-store and online shopping intent, as customers feel more confident that their model of choice really suits them.”

Speedo’s web-based Virtual Try-On AR feature

As part of the project, Poplar Studio were responsible for developing the custom-built AR visualisation element, which was then displayed on a screen mounted onto a unit in-store. Poplar Studio also developed the web-based virtual try-on experience, which allows customers to access it on Speedo’s website, without the need to install any apps on their phone.

With this AR feature, Speedo is joining the ranks of pioneers of virtual try-on technology, a trend that is set to revolutionise online shopping across retail brands. Through AR, retailers can now improve the buying experience for their customers, helping them make purchasing choices that they feel more confident about and, overall, increasing customer satisfaction.

“AR shopping is set to become the norm in the retail industry, with more than 50% of smartphone users already using AR when making a purchase,” said David Ripert, CEO of Poplar Studio. “We are seeing this benefit brands immensely, as consumers are 11 times more likely to make a purchase when AR is available. This is why Speedo partnered with Poplar Studio’s creative platform to build their AR try-on experience, which makes goggle purchases intuitive and useful for the consumer and helps to decrease product returns.”

The in-store experience is currently live at Speedo’s London Aquatic Centre, Sheffield and York stores, with the intention to roll it out to the rest of the UK and international markets soon. To try out the effect, click here to open your mobile browser.

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