How Augmented Reality Travel Is Changing the Tourism Industry

With its ability to enhance the real world with overlaid digital components, augmented reality (AR) is fast becoming the tourism industry’s favourite tool. While AR was invaluable in helping companies that rely on tourism keep their customers engaged during worldwide lockdowns, the innovative technology was already gaining traction even before the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Augmented

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AR smart glasses use cases for consumers: everything you need to know

Back in 2012, the world was buzzing with interest in Google Glass. The next frontier in wearable technology at the time, Google Glass promised consumers the ability to augment their vision with a head-up display rivalling those seen in first-person action games. But Google Glass failed before it could even get to the consumer market.

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AR In Travel: 3 Ways AR Is Shaping the Industry

ar in travel

AR is set to disrupt the travel industry through the introduction of many useful applications that make travel an easier process. Airlines have benefited greatly from it and other areas of the industry are following their lead. The travel industry is set to develop more functional uses for AR in the near future.

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