How Augmented Reality Travel Is Changing the Tourism Industry

With its ability to enhance the real world with overlaid digital components, augmented reality (AR) is fast becoming the tourism industry’s favourite tool. While AR was invaluable in helping companies that rely on tourism keep their customers engaged during worldwide lockdowns, the innovative technology was already gaining traction even before the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Augmented

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How Augmented Reality Events Can Transform Customer Engagement

Augmented reality events experiences offer brands a way to engage customers in a novel fashion while also mitigating some of the lasting effects of the pandemic.  Although the significant threat of COVID-19 might have passed in many countries, its impact on public behaviour is unlikely to dissipate immediately. As much as people are looking forward

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Lego Hidden Side Review: the Future of AR Toys

lego hidden side

Lego’s latest toy set collection, Lego Hidden Side, has us AR developers all excited thanks to its introduction of an augmented reality app within the game experience. The Lego set is built around a ‘ghost-hunting’ theme, with eight available sets based on different locations: a school, bus, boat, train, truck, lab, graveyard and shop. The

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