AR is a great way to turn dry information into an interactive experience that users will engage with more.

This report from PWC shows financial forecasts in the form of a piggy bank. The AR experience can be activated using the web browser, with no need to have any particular app installed.

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Educational materials

Users are twice more likely to absorb new information when delivered through audiovisual means rather than by simply reading.

With AR, you can augment educational materials such as manuals and guidebooks with additional audiovisual information, just like this farming report from Bayer.

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Print media

AR can greatly enhance print materials by providing additional content, including videos, 3D models and mini-games.

This AR effect augments a brand's flyer, providing more information about the company, including video, 3D models and social links.

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Promotion materials

Promotion materials such as billboards and catalogues can be augmented to include fun social filters or even a virtual try-on feature.

His Dark Materials recently created this Snapchat Lens which augments their billboards. The effect is stunning: a polar bear emerging from a large billboard in front of your very eyes!

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Product labels

Product labels can provide more information than would normally fit on packaging, such as AR-enabled videos that tell more about the product's story.

In this project, customers purchasing Jack Daniels drinks at Slug & Lettuce restaurants were given a card, which they could scan to access the AR experience.

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