About Poplar

At Poplar we provide a platform that makes the production of AR campaigns simple, quick and affordable.

Through the power of AR, we hope to help people transform reality by building a more intuitive and fun world for everyone.

You can start building your own AR experiences right now.

Who we are

We’re a tight-knit team of people crazy about AR and its power to transform the world.

Learning is at the core of everything we do and we are passionate about educating people about AR. We also have a lot of fun trying the latest immersive technologies and we want to share that fun with everyone.

We are strong believers in diversity: it is not only core to our team, but also a core strength of our entire ecosystem: developers, partners and platforms.

David Ripert, CEO & Co-Founder

David is the supreme leader of Poplar, taking care of all the most important business needs, such as getting investment and ensuring everyone’s chocolate cravings are satisfied at all times.

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Laurie Ainley, CTO & Co-Founder

Laurie is the ruler of Poplar’s product roadmap, weaving its web of fate with each passing day. When no one’s watching, he can be found in the back alleyways conversing with the neighbourhood cats.

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Priyanka Parmar, Creative Lead

Priyanka is a Slytherin maven with a killer fashion sense and a black belt in selfie-taking. She is our Creative Lead and the main driving force in the creative vision of Poplar.

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Wesley Twyman, Senior Developer

Wes is the grand wizard mage of senior development. His kingdom extends to the far horizons, reaching over the Mountains of Code and beyond the Binary Seas.

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Cristina Ferrandez, Marketing Lead

By day, Cristina is the Marketing guru at Poplar and also writes about all things AR for our blog. By night, she works on her novel and watches way too many episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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Irene Alegre, Product Designer

Irene brings that extra sparkle Poplar needs with her magical designs and considered user journeys. She will also beat you at Cards Against Humanity every time, so watch out!

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Ethan is our Full Stack Developer, although rumours indicate that he might have a clandestine career as an ‘underground electronic spacey music DJ’. In his spare time he likes to play the drums.

Ethan Brann, Full Stack Developer

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Hugo King, Junior Account Manager

Hugo is our Junior Account Manager, making sure all our clients are happy. He loves all things culture and can often be heard quoting obscure books or rambling the streets of London like the flaneurs of old.

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Indiya, Box Ripper and Office Dog

Indiya is the pupper-in-chief here at Poplar. If you’re not careful, she will do you a heckin’ blep while you’re not looking, so watch out. 15/10 would pet until eternity. Fan of April Fools day.

If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to contact us now!

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