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Hello AR fans! I have the pleasure of kicking off Poplar’s first ever blog post and I hope there will be many more to come!

We at Poplar want to help creators and brands produce more AR, by creating a virtuous AR ecosystem. We want to do that by evangelising AR as a powerful tool for brands including but not limited to digital marketing solutions, and through that, we want to help more creators access brand briefs and monetise their skills. And for those who do not yet know how to create in AR, we want to provide them with tutorials and resources so that they can learn to do it easily while being able to interact and collaborate with other creators.

Poplar team at Disney’s Aladdin Show

Poplar was born out of my expertise in content creation (I’ve worked in original video, from Hollywood to Netflix), my passion in community building (I’ve built studios for YouTube creators so they could learn, connect and produce) and my belief in AR as the next big marketing and advertising opportunity. All the forces in tech agree: AR is the future! AR is the biggest advertising opportunity since video ads, with an average dwell time of 75s and 4x longer view time than video.

However, presently there’s no cost-effective, quick and scalable way to produce AR content. There is a dependency on big agencies and studios that charge large sums of money and take a couple months slowing the pace of mass AR adoption. Producing AR requires multiple stakeholders and results in a complex workflow. It’s just not scalable for brands and remains a slow experimental process for them as well as platforms.

Poplar wants to make AR content creation simple. We are activating a new generation of talented creators in our community in order to produce amazing AR experiences on behalf of brands, faster and in a more affordable way than large agencies. And because we work with such a talented group of creators and provide open and honest communications, we think we can guarantee top quality content and service.

Within 4 months of our genesis, we have already worked with huge brands like Universal Music, Sony Music, L’Oréal, King Games, Warner Bros, Disney, RB, etc. We hope that these opportunities can inspire a whole new community of creators to learn AR, freelance, create their own venture and help grow this new exciting technology that will transform the way we interact with our world. We want to offer inspiring work to our creator community and help them upskill themselves while with us. As one of our creators, Ian recently told us: “King or Disney are dream-level brands to me. Apart from these big brands on Poplar, I also love the contests Poplar is running, it’s a really cool idea.”

If you want to know about all things AR – you have to continue to watch this space! We’re just getting started, so please join us on our new journey and please don’t hesitate to share your ideas, requests, needs and feedback. In the meantime do check out our live briefs, challenges, webinars and other resources.

– David Ripert

David Ripert is the CEO of Poplar. He was the Head of YouTube Spaces at Google for 6 years, launching creator-facing studios all over the region. He has over 16 years’ international leadership experience within Fortune 500 & start-ups (Google, YouTube, Netflix, Dailymotion, Cap Gemini E&Y). He’s also on the board of several major charities including Save the Children, Sadler’s Wells and Têtu.

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